Senior year here we go!!!

Hi friends, I’m back after a summer away from campus. It’s the third week of my senior year, and things are already in full swing. 

To complete my history degree, I have to complete a capstone project in the form of a thesis, and instead of the usual one semester long thesis writing, I’ve elected to complete a two semester honors thesis. I’ve chosen to study the sororities at the University of Kansas during the women’s liberation movement in order to identify the differences in gender roles for women at that time. My prediction is that in the face of significant social change, sororities pushed back by reinforcing traditional gender roles for women. By utilizing the sources I’ve identified in my KU Greek archives project, I can get a more well rounded understanding of the past social history of KU. 

Jonathan Hagel will be assisting me as my thesis advisor, in addition to mentoring me as I continue to work on accumulating sources for the University Archives. Beth Bailey, another professor at KU, (who literally wrote the book on ku’s social history) will be on my committee, as well as one of my sounding boards. 

Let’s get this party started!!!


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