Rock Chalk Revue donation

Rock Chalk Revue is a long standing tradition in the KU Greek community. Each year, one fraternity and one sorority pair up to create an original 30 minute musical production. Chosen by a panel of executives, the top 5 shows advance onward to Rock Chalk Revue, a KU variety show founded in 1949 with the intention of donating proceeds to local charities. Today, it is one of the largest student run philanthropies in the United States, and raised around $60,000 annually. 

Besides being a staple of the university, Rock Chalk Review (RCR) is extremely important to social history, because little jokes and popular songs of the time are often written into the script. Each pairing of fraternity and sorority, in an attempt to make it to the 5 shows chosen in RCR, submit a show binder. These binders illustrate everything from costumes and set design to original music, specifically composed for the show. 

Last week, Amy Long, the advisor to RCR and Keaton Cross, this year’s RCR Executive Producer, reached out to me about a donation of these show binders to the University Archives, which was very exciting! Several years worth of show binders were being stored at the RCR office in the Union, which in reality is quite a lot of material. (Think a floor to ceiling bookshelf filled with binders.) The donation process has begun, and the binders have now found a cozy home in the stacks of University Archives. 
For more information about Rock Chalk Revue, please visit


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