Last Tuesday, I tagged along with my Kappa Delta President and our Panhellenic Delegate to a Panhellenic meeting with the executive board and all of the Presidents of the sororities on campus.

I got the opportunity to speak about my project and to explain the significance it has for each organization. I think it went over really well! Moving forward, I am going to send out a follow up email to them about my availability and getting sources.

For next semester, I have decided to turn this project from just a HIST 696 capstone paper into an Honors thesis. I got the OK from Professor Scott, who is the head of the project, and have also managed to rope in a few other history professors! Right now, Professors Warren and Bailey said they would be interested in mentoring me during my thesis. Slowly but surely coercing the entirety  of the history faculty to help me.

As for my survey at SRL, I’m nearly finished! I am also planning on writing a blog post about my project to be featured on the Spencer Blog.


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