Yayayay stuff is happening! 

This lovely Saturday I spent one of my days off from work at the Spencer Research Library to go into the Spencer Research Library to donate the rest of the Kappa Delta materials. 

I brought in 12 different binders full of women (lol), with contents ranging from scrapbooks of new members to Kappa D’s first year on campus complete with remodel pics. See picture of my fully loaded book truck;)

Collecting the minutes of KD was a separate issue. Rather than bound in a binder, the chapter has switched to distributing the minutes electronically. Typically, this means the secretary types them onto a word docement or PDF, and then it is distributed to the members through email or on a website with 24/7 access to files. As such, I spent a good hour printing off all of the weekly minutes for Kappa D since 2013. As it is now I think the archives should have a pretty complete record of KD. 

This Saturday was a success for a lot of reasons. My pilot project (using KD as a guinea pig) was successful and can now serve as an example for future projects with different chapters. Currently chapter minutes may present an issue with digitalization, since different organizations may have different filing systems for storage of the documents, but we will go from there!  

Fully loaded book truck with the 12 binders of archival material from KD

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