Excel Exshmell.

Happy Election Day!!  I have to admit, today is a very fun day in relation to my other major, Political Science. I am planning on watching the election result tonight in the best venue, the Kappa Delta comfy couch room. (Appropriately named; that couch is v comfy.)

As the end of the semester approaches, and I’m feeling the burn. Pushing through the mess of paper and exams (I’m looking at you, political science statistics) I’m getting to a great point in my project.

Last week I met with all major facilitators of my project; Becky Schulte and Letha Johnson, the University Archivists, Caitlin Donnelly, the head of Spencer Public Services, and Jonathan Hagel, my history mentor. It was great to get feedback from everyone to better direct the project forward. It looks like there are opportunities coming up to write blog posts to be published on the Spencer Research Library blog, which I’m really excited about!

I’m continuing to edit my email to send out to different chapters as well as my document with my mission and action plan. Simultaneously, I am continuing to survey the documents already housed in Archives. I’ve included a picture below to show how I am taking my notes.

To preface this, I abhor excel. I’m sure it is useful to someone who has learned to master it properly, but alas that is not me. I have, however, managed to utilize excel to make a document with all necessary information – the chapter name, record group (RG #), a description of the box, whether photos are found in the box, and finally each of the years included and what documents we have! At the end of the survey, I’ll submit this to Archives to get a better idea of what needs to be collected, and to help them revamp their finding aid of Greek material. screenshot-63



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