First Post!! First Everything!!

Today is an exciting day for my research project. My first Greek chapter to document is none other than my own Kappa Delta. While KD is one of the more recent chapter on KU’s campus (we were established in 1990) we still have considerable records to scan.

I started with KD’s scrapbook from 1990. Each of the pages documented were done so by a special appointed position within the organization – the Historian. The pages I saw today documented the colonization of the sorority and the events of the first year! I used the bookeye scanner at the Kenneth Spencer Research library and saved the images on a flash drive to be exported later.

Later, I looked around the University archives at the Spencer Research Library to see how much material was archived from other chapters. So far, the men of Beta Theta Pi have the most!


One thought on “First Post!! First Everything!!

  1. This is going to be a great project. Thank you for letting me be involved. And I will gladly chip in for any gift you want to get Letha or the other archivists for what help they are giving you.


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